Biscuits and Crackers – Handling & Wrapping

CSLE Automatic Counting and Portioning for Biscuits and Cracker

Master Technologies would like to introduce the CLSE Counting for Slugs Portioning Biscuits and Crackers to be used where it is required a pre-defined number of products. It is typically applied on automatic trays loading system with products on edge. Depending by the number of created arriving lines, it could reach an exceptional packaging performance up to handling speed of 2400 products per minutes, in an uncompromised compact foot print. In its most complete version, the system can guarantee that in each slug are always present the correct number of products and, in the case of trays with multiple slugs, that there are no missing slugs in the tray. The construction allows easy cleaning together with excellent accessibility throughout the system.

Products Preparation & Feeding

To complete the counting loader, a series of devices accumulate and dose the products to always guarantee the completion of the filling of the trays. If the products are sandwich and arrive from a filling machine, rather than from a capper, the arriving lines are multiplied to obtain the desired front to remain within the system cycle times.
Thanks to the fully multiple servo-driven elements, the roto-index can independently allow pass through lines that has the minimum amount of products to fill the relative slug.
The number of products per slugs can be easily set electronically and recall through the touch screen operating panel.

Semi-automatic line for packaging cookies “on edge” in Slugs

Semi-automatic line for packaging cookies “on edge” in Slugs

SynchroGroup has supplied to an important multinational company a semi-automatic line for loading and packaging biscuits of different shapes (round, square and rectangular) in slugs from 200 to 250 grams.

The supply consists on a double chain conveyor with rods on which cookies are manually loaded, a 90º transfer to introduce them into the Flow-Pack pusher´s conveyor and the Flow-wrapper itself.

The following innovations have been implemented in this project:

  • Synchrofeed has developed a new 90 °transfer with tracking function of the wrapper chain (equipped with 3 servomotors) to obtain a very soft and gentle transfer of the slugs, avoiding sudden movements that may damage or even break fragile or sensitive cookies.
  • Synchropack has introduced a new concept of “universal” side belts to accompany and hold the biscuits on edge position once introduced into the film tube. This solution, allows easy and simple format changes in the slug/bag length without needing to change the side belts.
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Hi-Speed Wet Wipes Wrapper

Synchrogroup has evolved its well-known wrapping model Pack 900 LTS “Window-Pack” specially aimed for packaging wet wipes, increasing its production capacity till the 150 ppm in constant production run. This has been possible thanks to the new design of the transversal sealing group which implements important novelties as regards its previous version.
The main change is the decrease in the weight of the group and a mass re-distribution which provides both the lightness and robustness, needed to move faster, consequently, getting more cycles per minute.
The group is still driven by two independent servomotors, perfectly synchronized using the “Synchro-Motion” computerized axes control that has a specific software for this application.
To ensure the tightness of sealing, Synchrogroup incorporates its well proven and exclusive hydropneumatic force transfer group, providing up to 500 kg / force in the welding jaws.
With this machine, Synchrogroup covers a significant demand of the “Wet-wipes” industry where speed requirements are increasingly important due to the continuous production increase of the “Converting” machines.