ITALIAN PACK Automatic in-line MAP and Skinpack Tray Sealer Model Perseus


  • 2-up tool included (to suit tray size 250mm x 185mm) - other tooling available
  • Colour HMI touch screen
  • Servo drive automation
  • Gas buffer (optimises gas flow)
  • Busch 100 cu.m/hr vacuum pump
  • MAP
  • Skin-pack (USING SAME TOOLING) with product protrusion capability
  • Liquid dosing system from GS ITALIA twin pneumatic fillers
  • Maximum tray sizes =
    1-up = 400x275mm
    2-up = 185x280mm
    3-up = 120x275mm
    4-up = 85x275mm
  • Maximum depth of tray 110mm (MAP)\
  • Output up to 14 cycles/min for sealing (28 trays/min for 2-up tool); 7 cycles/min for MAP (14 trays/min) and 5 cycles/min on skin (10 trays/min)