Weighing and Dosing : CML

Bulk Weighing & Linear Format

This is for large, bulk target weights and/or small target weights at low speeds.

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The models can be used as stand-alone manually activated dosing, or can be fully integrated to a line for automated dosing. Weighments range from 1gm to 50kg.


Model Weight Range
CMW2000 CMW2000  Low maintenance entry level up to 2kg View PDF
CMW3000 CMW3000 1gm-300gm View PDF
CMW4000 CMW4000-rigidised 25gm-2kg View PDF
CMW5000 CMW5000 250gm-10kg View PDF
CMW6000 CMW6000 2kg-25kg View PDF
CMW8000 Twin_CMW_8000 Up to 50kg  View PDF
CMW7000 CMW7000 Custom Lines  View PDF
Checkweigher  View PDF
Control Systems  View PDF

Examples of Applications

Wheat Orange Tea
Mint Tea Ground Bait
Dog Food Coffee Beans
Coffee CMW8000 Box Filling
CMW8000 Indexing System & Metal Detector Range Video
CMW2000 CMW4000
CMW3000 CMW4000 Fudge Trial
Total Video Jar & Tub Filling
Pick & Place Oats
Biltong Cocktail Sausages