Vertical Form Fill and Seal (Bagging)

comek Vertical Form Fill & Seal

Bag Styles


Bag Maker Models

1. VPE

  • Entry level model
  • Mechanical-pneumatic motorisation
  • PLC controlled with latest generation colour diagnostic touch screen
  • Pillow bag and block bottom style bags
  • Speed up to 60bpm
  • Film web up o 1200mm

2.  VPB


  • Medium speed model Brushless motors automation
  • Colour touch screen industrial PC
  • Pillow bags, gusset and block bottom styles and Quattro- seal (4-sided) seal bags and reclosable zip
  • Speed up to 100bpm

3.  Omnya Stainless Steel


  • High speed mode
  • Total servo axis automation
  • Continuous motion
  • Latest generation self-guided diagnostic touch screen and industrial PC
  • All types of bag styles including Doy
  • Speed up to 220bpm pillow bags Speed up to 90bpm block bottom and Quattro seal styles
  • Speed up to 70bpm doy style

Special Product Applications

Special Format Applications