New Flow Wrapper Pack 600 LTS “L” (large format) for multipacks

SynchroGroup has recently supplied a 600 LTS Flow Pack “L” model to one of the largest European manufacturer of dry noodles in multipack bundles of single-serve noodle packs, from 3 to 20 individual packs.
The flow wrapper is configured with:

a double chain conveyor with rods, where single packs of noodles are manually fed.
a synchronising rotary paddle to ensure an accurate transfer of packs onto the film (lower reel wrapper)
side gusset mechanical folders on the transversal sealing prior to closing the sealing jaws, achieving a final very compact presentation of the secondary pack.

Once more, SynchroGroup confirms its capacity to invest in new technologies and bring innovative solutions to the world of packaging.

Language customisation service of our touch-screens

SynchroGroup offers the possibility to offer all messages of the operator touch screen in several languages, in addition to those already included by default settings (Spanish, English and French).
Using HMI screen in the local language allows operator-machine interaction in a much more user-friendly way, thus obtaining accurate and rapid interpretation of messages, preventing errors and minimising time for adjustments, format changeover or troubleshooting. For better results, we share translations with the client before the final delivery.
We have already customised screens in the following languages: German, Finnish, Dutch, Hebrew, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Swedish.
If you have any question about this service, please contact us and we will answer your request as soon as possible.