New series of Yang automatic in-line map tray sealers now available from Paxon Packaging

Feb10_2Now available from Paxon Packaging , the recently released series of Italian Pack Yang automatic in-line map tray sealers are new models of the ‘Perseus’ economy range.

These automatic in-line map tray sealers feature upgraded touch screen controls, simple and quick tooling changeover, and provide automatic interfacing to the production line.

The Yang automatic in-line map tray sealer is ideal for applications where requirements are for smaller volumes in an automatic format with minimal labour input.

Horizontal Cartoners C222 available

New horizontal cartoner C222 in cantilevered construction is available from Cariba.

This design allows the complete separation of mechanical working parts from packaging area for carton dust fall prevention in to transmission part of machine and allowing at the same time the complete accessibility for cleaning, ordinary maintenance and change format operations.

The electrical cabinet can be easily moved for accessing to the product conveyance system.

The horizontal cartoner C222 can run a wide range of box formats dimensions. The horizontal cartoner C222 is available from Paxon Packaging.

New series of MAP tray sealers / tray packers

Italian Pack Yang (Italy) has released a new series of M.A.P. (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) tray sealers / tray packers in the Polaris range of models.
The Polaris tray sealers now have the multi-chamber feature that doubles and triples outputs from the standard chamber models.
The Polaris Triple and Quattro models (3 and 4 vacuum chambers with gas flush) can be linked to the Yang automatic collation in-feeds creating a complete automatic line at affordable prices.
As with the standard Polaris model, the tooling is quickly and easily changed for tray or tub size changes. Non-modified atmosphere versions are also available.
The Polaris tray sealers are available from Paxon Packaging .

Vertical Cartoner machine


Cariba1Cariba has released a new version of economy vertical cartoner machine, available through paxon packaging.

The new C230 model is a versatile machine, suitable for a broad range of products, especially cosmetic and pharmaceuticals.
The C230 model unit can be manually fed or integrated with automatic handling feed systems.
Outputs of up to 80ppm are achievable from this intermittent motion version.
As with all the Cariba models, C230 model is built to gmp standards.
Also, available is a range of Cariba machines, including the cantilevered format horizontal models.
All cariba models are designed for quick changeover of sizes.

Brushless servo driven tray sealers

Polaris510THE new series of Italian Pack Yang MAP tray sealers are now available from Paxon Packaging.

The new generation of Polaris MAP tray sealer now incorporates brushless motors and this increases the throughput by 40%.

The Polaris range, as with all the Yang Models, have easy and quick change tooling for different trays.

The Polaris tray sealer has a new touch screen display.

The series comes in single, double (the “Duetto”), triple and quadruple chambers for single or large volumes of product throughput.