Automatic Robot for multipack packaging in flowpack

Automatic Robot for multipack packaging in flowpack

The market of large retailers demand that food products would be individually wrapped and then grouped and wrapped for a multi-pack sales.

Synchrofeed has developed a high speed robotic island that meets this goal.

The products that come from a flow-wrapper that makes individual packaging, are “launched” by means of a side belts system to a bucket conveyor, with a step by step movement.

Later, by means of a “spider” robot type, products are properly arranged, collected and transferred to the flow-wrapper’s feeding conveyor, to finally obtain, the required multipack presentation.

The main novelty of this robotic island is in the integration of the bucket conveyor in the own robot control, acting as an additional axis thereof, which allows to achieve higher processing speed and better accuracy left, plus ease and versatility in format changes.