Batch Retort Sterilisers


From lab to full-scale: caring for your package from the beginning

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Static Retorts: the sterilising technology at its essential

Static Retorts - Paxon Packagiing

Prima guarantees perfect sterilisation of in-container food products and is capable to handle cans, glass jars, retortable carton, pouches and plastic containers.

Static Retorts : Paxon Packaging

Static Retorts : paxon Packaging

Rotary Retorts: advanced solutions for your needs

The new SRC rotary retort is a totally new concept in sterilization and pasteurization technology. The patented system represents a step change in retort design that reduces processing time, thereby helping to ensure the quality of the sterilized product and significantly improving productivity when compared with ordinary rotary or static retorts.

Rotary Retorts : Paxon Packaging

Rotary Retorts : Paxon Packaging

Integrated solutions: Automated Sterilisation Systems and Solutions for the Food Industry


Integrated Solutions : Paxon Packaging